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how my heart is broken now T_T

yes, since my oldest son is leaving me, back to pekanbaru with some reason. but it still a hope for us to live together here in Jogja, i hope my husband can follow me here to continue his study in chemical engineering UGM. aamiin,,

yes, alhamdulillah harapannya suami terkabulkan, sekarang diriku sedang berada di Yogyakarta bersama dengan anak keduaku zubair, untuk memenuhi tugas negara sebagai mahasiswa program beasiswa bappenas linkage UGM Jepang. alhamdulillah. ianya bagaikan mimpi, karena memang kota ini telah lama menjadi impianku buat ku menimba ilmu, but before its like a miracle if i can accepted in UGM due to the tuition fee. actually i have been ever here, when i passed the UM UGM in dentistry faculty. but soon after i finished my registration, i got an announcement that i passed a test to get scholarship to continue my undergraduate in Japan. its like a big miracle again. but i believed that this is the best for me.

actually i want to share everything about BAPPENAS scholarship, i think there is someone out there, need this information. as me who like browsing about Bappenas scholarship as reference.

insyaAllah, i will write again in this blog, to share my experience. the writing mostly will be in english, but if i cannot describe it in english, i would share in Bahasa.

beside, i will share about my experience go around yogyakarta with GPS, travelling , etc..

i wish it will be continue..just keep my mood for writing in english

last but not least, pardon with my poor english grammar structure… 😀


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