my student’s life


agaiinnn…i visit this blog only when i feel gloomy…hahaha..since actually i have to write 2 journal reviews, but i dont know what i have to write, instead i dont understand what the journal telling about..sometimes here i feel that, is it a good decision for me to further this master degree..because i fell that i dont have such capability either from the intelligent or from the analytical thinking. for me who always make simply something always find difficult to write an analytical journal. that’s why, i start writing this blog today…hahaha..

public policy, public administration development and so on hafe filled my daily activity recently.i have to understand them, even i dont know them. i have to be closer to them, even i feel that it is hard for me to reach them. but there is no choice then. they are already become the part of my life.

do both house work and homework at the same time is veryyyy hard to struggle with it. i have to use my time wisely, otherwise my assignment will be not finished. dont like others who can finish their task in one night, i couldn’t do that. i dont know why..but my husband told me that it is because i always look at my cellular phone for checking my social media…hahaha..i partially agree with him, because sometime i look my handphone for checking the dictionary, even unconciously i will look at my WA, instagram,facebook,path..:D

indeed, he is right..that’s why i couldnt full concentrate with my assignment..like now, actually i have to finish my assignment that have to take in on this thursday, instead of try to finish it, i stuck reading my blog and the blog i following..with argument that it is for recall my mood to do the assignment, like searching motivational thing to do my assignment.

just enjoy my student’s and motherhood’s life..it is not easy anyway..but it is a bleesed..